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Relationships with boys are tricky-especially for teen girls who are still figuring out who they are themselves. How do teen girls drum up the confidence to talk to a guy when the teenage years are fraught with self-doubt? Is it really possible to just be friends with a boy without any weirdness? What’s a girl to do when she likes a guy more than a friend and isn’t sure he feels the same? And most of all, how can girls deal with all of this and still stay true to themselves?

Boyology: A Teen Girl’s Crash Course in All Things Boy delves into the mysteries of teen guys, dissecting flirting tactics, offering dating suggestions, and providing tips on forming solid friendships with guys. From “a few things to remember when text flirting” to a math formula to figure out how long it will take to get over him, this is an up-close-and-personal look at everything a girl has ever needed to know about dating. Parents will appreciate that the author handles discussions about kissing and beyond with grace and tact. Most importantly, Sarah empowers her readers to make smart choices on their own terms. The author shares her own experiences, peppers pages with fun celebrity quotes, and most importantly includes comments from real teenagers–girls and boys!–on everything from first dates to breakups.

“Burningham’s humorous text and personal approach will make readers feel like an older sister or cousin is chatting with them…Well-written and smart, Boyology is a strong addition to books about relationships.”

School Library Journal

Boyology is here to help guide you through the murky waters of crushing, dating or just flirting with boys. It covers the basics from what “breed” of boy you’ve set your sights on, to how to navigate a first date to setting your boundaries and what to do if you break up.”

McClatchy News Syndicate (national newspaper syndicate)

“Though written as a crash course for girls about dating, it’s a great source to help parents understand that dating can be unsettling for teens, too. The book is filled with stories from real teen stories across the country, and gives parents an insider’s look at what their teens are experiencing and thinking.”


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